Week 9, Day 2 #fatmanlifts

After Tuesday's adventure, we decided to play it safe today. Overhead press and bench press were out; deadlifts, flyes, and rows were in. Not much more to say about today's ordeal.

I'm at the end of week nine, which means I've been lifting as long as I had been running when I started lifting. And I'm still running. I started this whole #fatmanX... thing... on September 8th, which means I've been at it for over four months now. Fun to think about.

The one supremely disappointing thing? I haven't lost a goddamn pound since I started. I realize there has to have been some recomposition, but still... everyone likes to see the scale move a bit, y'know?

But I guess I'll stick with it. Certainly can't hurt. Unless you injure yourself.