Week 9, Day 3 #fatmanruns

Tada! The end. I don't think I've ever completed an exercise program before. self back-pat What an interesting experiment this has been. It's taken just nine weeks for me to fundamentally alter the way I think about exercise - from something I've always thought I hated and went out of my way to avoid, to something which is arguably... enjoyable.

Of course, this is only a small segment of a much larger journey.

Three years ago, I was pushing 325 lbs, effectively living off pasta and pizza, smoking a pack and a half a day, and driving anywhere farther than half a mile away.

Two years ago, I went on something of a spirit quest (which involved a lot of reading, mostly) and resolved to change my ways.

As of today, I'm at high school weight levels (~70 lbs down), have been cigarette-free for well over a year, walk everywhere I go (helps that I sold my car and live in downtown Seattle - central to everything), and generally just... feel pretty good.

Many small improvements over time.

Anyhoo - thanks for putting up with my running updates. I've tried very carefully not to become "that guy", but fear I may have failed. I'm pushing the Pause button on #fatmanruns, but I have no intention of stopping what I've started. It's too damn fun.

Aside: I've been purposefully avoiding mentioning the running program I was doing, because I wanted to avoid the "this program is better than that program" debate, but I will now say this: if anyone has been hesitant to try out c25k, just remember that if a ‪#‎fatman‬ can do it, so can you.