Week 6, Day 2 #fatmanruns

Pacing. I'm learning about pacing. Starting Friday, there are no walk breaks, and each day the run gets a little longer. It's difficult to fight the urge to begin at full speed. It feels good to go fast, but I'd quickly burn out. Instead, I have to find a sustainable pace from the start, and continually adjust it as I go. Only when I know I'm getting toward the very, very end do I sometimes ratchet it up. But, again, if I do it too early or go too hard, then I burn out and the last little bit drags on forever.

I've experienced this in my job as well. It's very easy to get excited about a project, and front-load the fun stuff in a flurry of furious work, getting "90%"" of the project done in a short amount of time. But the last 10% of the project invariably takes 90% of the overall time/budget, because the last 10% is where all the "but it has to work in the real world" work falls out. Operational readiness. Threat modeling. Security auditing. Last minute, major changes due to poor design/planning. And it's around that 90% completion mark that management (having been told by developers that it's 90% done) tries to spur workers into putting in longer hours in one last heroic push to get things out the door... only to have folks burn out before the project is actually complete.

So. Pacing. A feedback cycle between knowing the amount of work remaining, and knowing your future capabilities given your current rate of work.