Week 5, Day 3 #fatmanruns

Just five short weeks ago, running for a single minute was both terrifying and challenging. As of today, I can go 20 minutes straight, and still feel like I have the steam to keep going. Still pretty pitiful, but certainly better than when I started!

Oddly, it wasn't until this milestone that I felt I was making any tangible progress. I think that's a pretty common problem in any long-term project. I can certainly think of a few experiences like that in the software world. Between the milestones, it just feels like churn. But in hindsight, it's amazing to see how far you've come. Even when things happen that are out of your control - project being cancelled, prospective clients declining a proposal, external dependencies slipping a deadline, etc - if you've been careful about setting your own personal goals (and sometimes even if you haven't), you can bet that you've grown as an individual. And that's more than a consolation prize - that's metaphorical money in the bank. It's currency you'll draw on in future endeavors.

Pretty fuckin' cool.