Week 2, Day 2 #fatmanruns

It occurred to me that most of the things I used to hate about running no longer apply. Four main things have always bothered me:

  • It's time-consuming (as is anything that isn't reading or video games, right?)
  • It's boring. You're just, like, moving.
  • I'm easily winded. I feel like this has always been the case, even before smoking.
  • It's literally painful. 320 lbs of person can't move that fast without doing some damage.

But over the last 2+ years, most of those problems seem to have gone away. Much of it can be attributed to /a/ weight lost due to a change in diet, /b/ quitting smoking, and /c/ the near-daily walks that Ruby and I have been taking since last year, the last of which, beyond improving my activity level past that of mere desk-sitter, has also readjusted my level of patience toward such activities. Our walks are typically 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, during which time we talk and think about all sorts of neat stuff. In comparison, these little morning runs go by in a blink, and during that time my mind is racing (typically thinking about stuff Ruby and I were talking about the night before).

Still, it's not all sunshine and roses. There is a fifth thing I've always hated about running, and that is:

  • I'm bad at it.

But there's only one way to fix that.