Week 16, Day 3 #fatmanlifts / We're moving!

I survived Week 16! I must say, while running is certainly awesome in its own way (I definitely like feeling swift for perhaps the first time in my life), lifting is outright fun.

Don't get me wrong - I hate every minute of it while I'm actually doing it. But the moment I stop, it's awesome. Running feels great while I'm running. Lifting feels great every minute I'm not lifting. And—thank goodness—there are quite a few more of those minutes.

This also marks the end of my second week doing 3x per week. Way better than last week, and way, way better than 2x/week. I think I'll keep it there for as long as my schedule allows.

Speaking of schedule, this month is about to get all screwy. After over three years of living in Aspira (in two different units), we've finally been priced out of the building. In a couple weeks, we'll be packing up all of our stuff and moving a whole 2 blocks away to a new place called Nine and Pine. It's a much smaller building—just seven floors and 74 units—and, because it's brand new, the rents are slightly below market (presumably as they attempt to raise occupancy). It's no less central than our other apartment, sitting kitty-corner to the Paramount, right next to the Camlin. We've come to like living in downtown Seattle; it's basically a 10-20 minute walk to anything, so while it's a bummer that we have to move, we're glad it's not to somewhere too far away.