Week 16, Day 1 #fatmanlifts

Ok. Survived my first week of 3x training, and have started another. So far, I like the pacing a bit more. With 2x per week, the long gap between Thursday and the following Tuesday causes me to become... complacent? Is that the right word? Less motivated, in any case. But with 3x, I still feel just a hint of soreness from Friday come Monday. It's like a little reminder that lasts the entire weekend. "Hey, this is a thing you do. You like it. Don't forget how awesome it is come 5:30am Monday morning."

My week to week strength seems ridiculously variable, though. I wonder how much of it is solely in my head. It's especially evident in deadlifts and squats. I'll show marked improvement, then struggle with the same weight the following week. I wonder if it'll surface elsewhere as well. When I first started dumbbell bench press, I could hardly keep up 15s. On Friday I was doing 55s. This Friday...?

Oh well. No point in psyching myself out.

It's been a struggle keeping up with running, however. Mostly motivationally. I never seem to have problems after I get out the door. I guess that's always been the case, though. Maybe I just need to exercise a bit more resolve.