Week 14, Day 2 #fatmanlifts

I'm a day late posting this; Week 14 Day 2 was actually yesterday. Figured I'd better get something online, since this blog is mostly for my own record-keeping.

Yesterday was a great workout. Got in a little early and did some extra warm-ups before beginning my training session. We started a few minutes early and went a few minutes long—definitely got my money's worth!

Next week, I step up to three sessions per week. I'm fortunate to have a job that lets me roll in a little later than the normal start of business hours. I'm typically at the gym from 7-8a, cleaning up and eating from 8-9, and in by 9:15 or so. (Oddly enough, even arriving that late in the day, I'm usually one of the first ones in. Gotta love the tech industry.)

I'm equally fortunate that my gym and office are within easy walking distance from my home. At least one of my coworkers commutes an hour each way. I'm a ten-minute walk away. After our move in April, that might even drop to seven!

Not much more to say. I'm excited to step up my game next week. Hopefully I'll see more meaningful gains.