Week 14, Day 1 #fatmanlifts

The last couple weeks have been difficult. Between being sick and being lazy, it's been difficult to stick to my regular exercise routine. My running, in particular, has suffered. Over the course of about two weeks, I watched the scale creep up from 260 to 267. Some of that's water, some of that's muscle, and the rest is... well... poor eating choices. :)

It's already trending downward, but it's served as a reminder that, however cliche the saying, this isn't a sprint, but a marathon. It's building good, sustainable habits. It's continual checkpoints, evaluations, and course corrections. This isn't a failure - it's just part of the process.

The neatest part for me, though, is realizing that I know how to fix these problems. I have that power. I just need to choose to do it. Three years ago, my problems would have seemed insurmountable, the goals unrealistic. I would have felt helpless, with no path forward. But small, gradual improvement and consistent learning have given me tools to approach my physical problems with more confidence.

I wish that were something I could share with others. I see folks in the shape I was in three years ago and I think, "Man, you're just like me! Do you know how much change you could effect with a few simple diet changes? Do you know how much better you'd feel if you quit smoking and moved around just a few hours per week?" Of course, actually saying those things would be terrible - nobody likes a self-righteous asshole telling them how to be better. But I've felt what they feel, and part of me just wants to help that pain go away. It would take so little, and help so much.

I just don't know how.