Week 12, Day 1 #fatmanlifts

Since my side recovered a lot faster than we previously thought it would (implying that it must have merely been a strain), we've decided to ramp me back up to twice-per-week sessions at the gym. We're also apparently switching up my routine a bit. Today was supersets of deadlifts and bicep curls, front barbell squats and narrow pushups, and lunges and standing dumbbell lateral raises. Much more varied than I'm used to.

After almost three months (minus basically two weeks for injury), I'm finally starting to see some definition in my shoulders - I almost surprised myself as I got into position for front barbell squats (my first time doing these). The legs, too, are seeing some gains.

Of course, I know I've been getting stronger, building muscle. But since my scale hasn't moved since I started and I haven't bothered to take measurements, it's very hard for me to notice these things day-to-day. I'm actually fifteen pounds heavier than my lowest weight of 245 back in February of 2014. Granted, 260 is still better than 325 in 2012, but I'd like to start seeing it move soon.

For context, here's what 2012 vs late 2014 looks like:

Small changes

Big changes

Maybe I need to start taking some progress photos and measurements. I've been trying to keep my efforts casual (and measuring seems to cross that line in my mind), but I need more small victories in my life.