Week 7, Day 1 #fatmanlifts

Today is hands-down the most tired I've ever been after a workout, which is interesting, because it's definitely neither the hardest I've ever worked, nor the best I've ever performed. I've been battling sickness on and off for the past week - a kind of low-level crud that isn't bad enough to put me down, but leaves me feeling drained at the end of a day. Or, in this case, the end of a workout.

My lifting experiment hasn't been as introspective as running, which makes these updates a bit boring, I'm sure. When I'm running, my mind is free to wander as my legs just sort of... go. But with lifting, I'm constantly mentally engaged, especially as I interact with my trainer and focus on getting the form correct. However, focusing on form has made me more physically self-aware, which has been very interesting.

I have spent most of my life living in my body, but doing my best to ignore it completely. I convinced myself that it doesn't really matter if I'm not in the greatest shape (or, in fact, horrible shape), because I thoroughly focus on matters of the mind. But if the mind is a product of the body, then to neglect the body is to neglect the mind. How can I say I'm focusing on becoming a better student, or a better engineer, or a better entrepreneur when I'm approaching problems with dull, rusty, and missing tools?