Week 6 #fatmanlifts

I tried to sneak out of doing any workouts this week, but my trainer kept me honest by ensuring I booked at least one session. It was actually rather fun. I typically roll in at 6:50a, when the gym is full of folks trying to finish up before heading to work. But today, it was absolutely empty. Next week, it'll be packed full of people freshly resolved to losing their holiday weight in the new year.

I can't help but feel excited for them. Even though I feel like I've made little progress since beginning this second leg of my adventure, becoming more comfortable in the gym has been its own reward. Whereas previously the gym and the activities practiced therein were surrounded by a nebulous shroud of uncertainty and fear, today the gym feels like... a known enemy. Still not my best friend, but a challenge I'm comfortable confronting. That's gotta be worth something.